TOMLIFT is the most economical option for modifying semi-trailers to make them loadable for intermodal transport. This retrofittable system which fits all semi-trailer model series gives you the necessary edge on flexibility in your pricing and transportation planning. TOMLIFT has been perfectly designed as a complete assembly kit consisting of only few pieces. At ca. 380kg the German-manufactured system is extremely light-weight. TOMLIFT can be quickly and efficiently mounted with comparably little effort by any of our authorized workshops under DEKRA supervision. The system is fully bolted and can be removed any time for use on another trailer. High-grade robust materials and product quality „made in Germany“ guarantee impeccable functionality and durability. The system has been thoroughly tested, approved and ISO/CE certified to meet the stringent requirements of rail transport companies and the Technical Inspection Board (TÜV).

The break-even point of your investment for system retrofit is quickly reached and easily calculated. Low purchasing costs mean the envisaged financial advantage is attained fast. It is also a worthwhile investment regarding the upcoming CO2 performance reports and hence good for the environment.

TOMLIFT offers you unforeseen flexibility in your day-to-day business which was to date not possible without significant financial input. Secure this competitive edge for your business.

  • Complete assembly kit
  • Suitable for all semi truck-trailer types (retrofittable)
  • TÜV approved – ISO-/CE certified
  • Made in Germany
  • full bolted, no welding required
  • Can be dismantled / reusable
  • Low-weight (ca. 380kg)
  • Fixed-price installation by authorized workshop (optional)

More advantages for you:
  • Optimized staff management
  • No breakdowns, independent of weather conditions
  • No fines
  • Material-friendly, longer service life of semi-trailer
  • No restrictions on driver’s hours
  • Lower risk of accidents
  • Smaller CO2 footprint (environmentally friendly)